Using Psychology to Improve Your Winning Attitude

This article is going to focus on all the ways in which you could accomplish that confident attitude while you’re gambling. However, forming such a change in behavior is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of consistent work, a driving passion towards success, and huge amounts of patience.

Introduce a New Approach

In the exciting world of gambling, the attitude you adopt over time can make or break you as a player. Just as in life, a positive outlook changes everything. The same applies to gambling. Bankroll, accumulated experience, skills, and knowledge as a player are all important things. However, without a positive and confident attitude, you may lose it all.

There are a couple of habits you could adopt to change your luck. After trying out this new approach, even if you don’t change any other aspect of your gambling habits, you’ll be able to see a massive difference in your results. Let’s get to it.

Always Gamble Alone

No matter if they are your good friends or not, it’s never a good idea to bring someone along. Although gambling can be genuinely exhausting, even when you’re alone, you shouldn’t let anyone distract you while playing in any way possible. Having a close friend next to you could cloud your judgment and end up costing you a lot of money as well.

Never Gamble Against Friends

Another golden rule — never play against your loved ones. It is entirely understandable that it seems like a fun experience, especially if you decide to visit one of the classy venues and have a good time. However, our best piece of advice is to enjoy your free time around your friends, but once you decide to test your luck — go alone.

Go with Your Gut

This should be a no-brainer — you should learn to follow your gut! Of course, you should still gather all the necessary information before you make a move. However, if your gut tells you differently — listen to it. According to some studies, gut feeling is quite valuable. The information human brain gathers based on experimental knowledge and previous experiences can and should be used to make certain conclusions. So you don’t have to have all the information and be thoroughly prepared — just listen to your sixth sense and give it some credit.

Never Gamble Under Pressure


Pressure in any form can and most certainly will affect your performance during gambling. No matter if it’s time, food, money, or friends, don’t let anything get to you. When you feel pressure to do something, you are incapable of making any rational decisions, or even if you are, the outcome probably won’t be satisfactory enough. Gambling is about making both important and hard decisions, so avoid having to do that under any kind of pressure.

Keep the Record of Your Battles

When you’re an invested player, it is important to be frugal and keep records of every game you play. This creates good discipline and shows commitment. This way, you are not only keeping your budget under control, but you’re also able to notice some patterns in your playstyle and make some adjustment if needed. Otherwise, how else would you know if you’re winning more than you’re losing? So keep your record and analyze it on a weekly basis. And once you are committed and disciplined enough, that will inevitably show on your attitude while playing.

Have Goals

Once you have your black book of records on your side, you could start creating your goals. They can be both short and long-term and should reflect your future plans when it comes to gambling. Additionally, when you’re a disciplined player, you have this luxury of saving money aside and using it to earn more. In the beginning, create your weekly or monthly gambling goals. Having dreams to strive towards will help keep you focused and not greedy. Additionally, you will be more fixated on that target and will automatically improve yourself on your road to reaching that goal. Don’t ever deviate from such behavior.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break

The worst thing every gambler can do is to chase their losses. When you come to play, always bring your cool and your strategy. For example, only bring cash you’ve put aside for gambling, and if the losing streak gets to you, just step away and take a break. Your money is no longer available, and you know better than to use your credit card to chase your losses. Step aside, go home, and take a break. Come back another day with a different plan and try again. When it comes to your bankroll and self-discipline, tune out your emotions and take on a disciplined and calculated approach instead.

No Negative Thinking


Emotions can go up to the roof all the time, and it is entirely understandable that you have a reaction to both your winnings and your losses. However, cursing, screaming, and other over the top responses are only hurting you. You are influencing your own thoughts by telling your brain that you’re definitely going to lose. It is tough to hide your emotions, but try thinking of it as self-control instead of restraint. Just remember — words do have power.


The bottom truth is that gambling is not for everyone. If you want to be successful, it requires far more discipline, patience, and persistence than most people have. Many players tend to give up after the first major setback, without even trying to find room for further improvement. So if you wish to change your attitude and become a confident, self-disciplined player, you need to bear in mind that there will be many setbacks and low points during that path to success. However, how quickly you can dust yourself off and get back on your feet to be even better is what really counts. Good luck out there!